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As a part of our monthly summits, join us this upcoming September 15th for the International Leadership Summit to know the best practices for a successful leader and to enjoy performance-boosting learning that will improve your teams' capacity to lead with courage and confidence.

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Our Agenda

Discover the agenda of this summit:

15 Sep 2022 03:00 AM (America/New_York)
Personal Development ,Learning & Development ,Business & Entrepreneurship ,Leadership & Development
Are You Developing The Leader Within You

It's fantastic to find a new direction in life and to be able to imagine a bright future for oneself that is within reach. Knowing that you have the resources, you'll need to succeed in your quest for greatness will help you stay focused.

Young people and adults suffer from low self-esteem, social pressure, relationships, and procrastination.

We have created a leadership & wellbeing programme to be interactive and impactful for individuals and a group.

We look forward to supporting and guiding your personal and professional growth.


See You Soon, 


Barke BeYourOwnHero

See More Presented by : Barke Kamuss
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 03:30 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Leading Organizations the Dolce VITA Way

It is out of doubt that the world is facing a new Renaissance and so are organizations.... if leadership is willing and able to take on this challenge.

During this session, you will discover that La Dolce V.I.T.A is not only the world's famous Italian lifestyle, but it's also a cultural framework for effortlessly navigating chaos and a leadership style that can be learned and that can create human-centric, productive, and sustainable organizations.

I will take you through the myth and historical origins of La Dolce V.I.T.A, and let you discover why La Dolce V.I.T.A is not a nice to have anymore: it’s a must-have for enlightened leaders who want to impact the world.

You will learn how leaders can embody la Dolce Vita, revolution, and reinvent the corporate culture by leveraging the 4 pillars of La Dolce VITA: Vitality, Illumination, Techniques, and Assets, and what are the first steps.

See More Presented by : Angela Santi
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 04:30 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
OKRs Supercharge Goals towards 10X success

Title: OKRs: Supercharging your Goals towards Exponential Success

The 30 minute session is going to help the participants 

- Understand the History and Use of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) methodology

- Recognize the benefits of this methodology, especiall how Google, Intel and other start up and scale up companies have used it.

- Realise the advantage of having an Outcome Mindset.

See More Presented by : Kenneth Lewis
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 05:00 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Building credibility in your first leadership role

First time in a leader role? Building credibility as a leader does not have to be a dauntign task. It starts off with small changes in your leading which becomes part of your leadership brand. Join my 30 minute conference where I will share more on this topic.


See More Presented by : Lesley Katts
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 05:30 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Transforming Your Mindset

A presentation on mindset transformation and the steps involved.

Presented by : Ashu Maurice kola
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 06:00 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
The art and science of fostering engagement in uncertain times

How do you keep your team engaged in times of moving targets and pressuring demands?  How can you maintain focus, energy and engagement when uncertainty is the name of the game in business and life?

During our session, you will :

1.Discover the leadership strengths that may be sabotaging your team performance and engagement.

2.Know the 4 pillars that would allow you to inspire others into effective actions and multiply your impact as a leader.

3.Identify the one step you can take now to set things into motion. 

See More Presented by : Jihen gatti
Duration : 60 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 07:00 AM (America/New_York)
Building a high performance team through coaching

This presentation will allow people managers to build a skill of coaching their employees and work towards building a high performance team.

Presented by : Ajay Nahar
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 07:50 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
The Balance of Heart and Logic Leadership

Join Leadership Consultant and Coach Shawn P Neal as he will discuss the effectiveness of leadership, the kind that supports growth and sustainability and requires a delicate balance of emotional intelligence and critical thinking. This 30 minutes talk will look at how aligning these two factors will create great leaders and cultivate excited and engaged followership.

See More Presented by : Shawn Neal
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 08:00 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development

An overview of how to support leadership development through a competency based coaching approach. An introduction to simple coaching tools and techniques  that can be used with individuals leaders and leadership teams to support positive mindset and behaviour change. 

See More Presented by : Catherine McDonald
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 08:30 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
My Leadership Journey

Most of us don't start our Career as a people leader, we go through a life long journey to be a better leader everyday. 

Here I want to share my leadership journey with you on the leadership skills and styles I have adapted throughout the years And most importantly why I am advocating on 5 aspects:

Self-Awareness, Humility, Feedback, Coaching and Change

See More Presented by : Rebecca Niu
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 08:30 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Reinventing Our Identities in the Context of Our Communities

Somaye Dehban is a Dutchified Iranian with a dream – you may call it a vision if you will. Somaye wants to live in a world with true personal freedom of choice, equality of opportunity and the ability for people to thrive. And this is balanced with personal responsibility to contribute to collective good. To bring this dream to reality, Somaye has developed a synergistic model which she’s dubbed Verbinding – Verbinding is the Dutch term for interconnectedness with an emotional hint towards interrelatedness and interdependencies. Verbinding brings seemingly unlikely allies to not only create a vision but also to collectively implement the associated strategy and generate impact at scale. The essence of Verbinding is that positive impact arises when we combine harmony and progress.

As a politically engaged PhD candidate and a human rights & responsibility advocate living in exile, Somaye is rolling this model out with the ambition of replacing the Dutch Polder model with this Synergistic Model. She’s designed this model after interviewing a diverse group of people from political activists to religion converts; from widows of war to poets in exile, from victims of rape to professors of academia and practice to anyone whose path crossed with hers. She also read over 350 books from a variety of disciplines in addition to more than 200 academic articles and policy papers over the last decade while she committed herself to addressing her chronic depression and anxiety while being a single mother of two energetic boys for 4 years of this journey.

From defining an exit point for development aid as it is, to advocating for a future that is cross-sectorial, Somaye is challenging the manifestation of ONE with EVERYTHING: one model that can be applied at personal, family, community, organizational and societal level to close the gap of indifference and build on our differences.

Somaye is naturally predisposed towards finding pragmatic solutions to multi-faceted “wicked problems.” Her zone of genius lies in facilitating connections and building the relationships that are necessary to execute big projects that involve multiple stakeholders. 

See More Presented by : Somaye Dehban
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 09:00 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
What's Your Leadership Distinction? Leading In The 2020's and Beyond.

The year 2020 birthed a new order of disruption across every sphere of life but, disruption isn't actually a bad thing.


Developing your leadership distinction in the 2020's and beyond will take a strategic intention, an intentional strategy and a defined discipline to become value driven in your organisation and or industry.


I've called the 2020's "The Era of Creative Distinction" and with the speed of change now a reality rather than a buzzword, I believe we are in the aeon where new leaders who are cutting edge in nature and results will emerge.


It won't be by luck but rather it will be by a strategic intention, an intentional strategy and a discipline to become value driven.


In my keynote I will be sharing on the yardstick 21st century leader, how to  become a future, agile and strategic thinker. How to create a cutting edge brand and how to become a creative and value driven leader.


"Distinction in leadership isn't a mindset, distinction in leadership is a state of mind." ~ Onyi Anyado.


"Leadership isn't about age but rather,  leadership is about influence, impact and inspiration." ~ Onyi Anyado.

See More Presented by : Onyi Anyado
Duration : 60 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 10:00 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Requirements for the Next Generation Leader for a VUCA World

The Industrial Era brought about efficient but bureaucratic organizations.  However, as the Knowledge Era continues to invade how we approach work, this bureaucratic overhead is becoming too heavy a burden.  Even efficiency is being lost in our inability to quickly adapt to changing conditions – increased customer expectations, supply chain disruptions, and competitor inroads.  In response, organization structures have gotten more complex with matrix structures or frequent reorganizations in the search of something better.  At the center of this challenge is the “leader” who often has limited positional authority and unclear purpose alignment.  This presentation addresses this challenge of leading in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, & ambiguous) World where people are perpetually Anxious about the future and their role in it.

See More Presented by : Dr Ross Wirth
Duration : 60 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 11:00 AM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Leading from Your Uniqueness The Secret to a Leaders Mental Health

Leaders are beginning to understand the importance of filling one’s cup before trying to fill another’s, but are the acts of self-care, self-help or self-love actually FILLING our cup? Unfortunately, these approaches are just getting us back to EVEN from all the giving we’re doing - not into the positive. And you can’t give what you don’t have. Join Molly Hildebrandt, Leadership Development consultant, speaker, coach as she leads a discussion on how leaders can intentionally lead from their uniqueness in order to GAIN energy everyday and live out their purpose!


Molly Hildebrandt is an internationally certified trainer in Leadership Development. She has years of experience designing, developing, and implementing tailored leadership plus professional development programs for individuals and organizations. As a leadership consultant, coach and speaker, she specializes in helping leaders discover and embrace who they truly are and empowers them with life-changing tools to DISSOLVE corporate and personal challenges. Molly is known for her dynamic and powerful presentations, combining revelatory ideas with practical life-changing applications.

See More Presented by : Molly Hildebrandt
Duration : 60 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 12:00 PM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
How To Be A Brave Woman Leader

Women are created to lead and it is absolutely necessary to understand that the rules when it comes to leadership are slightly different for us. In this talk we will discuss about what women need to do in order to navigate a landscape of a male-dominated leadership environment.

See More Presented by : Sawsan Bellaj
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 01:00 PM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Are You Developing The Leader Within You

Just because you’ve landed yourself into a leadership role doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re able to lead effectively.

Leadership and professional growth are skills that require ongoing training. For leaders to advance from good to great, they must continue to grow and evolve with their team members.

During this interactive training participants will learn four key principles that are required to grow as a leader.

This is perfect for:

  • Emerging Leaders
  • Success driven individuals
  • Corporate Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • New Hires

The audience will leave with:

  • 4 key strategies for growing as a leader
  • The Awareness of personal growth as it pertains to leadership
  • An understanding that Leadership is Influence

Hear where Michael's Leadership Inspiration comes from - https://youtu.be/uzBNzx_Iu5k

See More Presented by : Michael Pope
Duration : 45 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 02:00 PM (America/New_York)
Personal Development
Self-Love and Leadership

Self-Love and Leadership

Presented by : Riya Wang
Duration : 45 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 02:00 PM (America/New_York)
Personal Development
The Five Layers Of The Leadership

Each one goes through a different love journey, and self-love brought to confidence to self-empower, and then one can share with the world.

How is your self-love lead you to leadership?

A journey with personal development and self-love. Self-love and this are so opposite to our culture, but it really comes down to how much discipline you have in your life. Self-love is how you make it to help you grow. Grow from self-doubt to self-healing-self empowered to inspire others to influence the world to become a leader. 

The five layers of self-love to true leadership

  • Physical layer
  • Mental layer
  • Financial layer
  • Relationships layer
  •  Spiritual layer
See More Presented by : Riya Wang
Duration : 45 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 03:00 PM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
What is your leadership style
  • Understanding various leadership styles
  • Self-evaluating your leadership style based on a few criteria
  • Polarities in leadership styles
  • Takeaways and Insights
See More Presented by : BJ Jhaveri
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 03:30 PM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
A retired spy shows you how to save time with a leadership approach you will love

Stop pushing against human nature!

Brain-friendly ways you can motivate others.

Leadership is easy when you start with what makes people tick.

See More Presented by : Mike Mears
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 04:00 PM (America/New_York)
Learning & Development ,Business & Entrepreneurship ,Leadership & Development
Enabling innovation fertile cultures How you have been preventing exponential growth

Great leaders learn to survive, extraordinary leaders unlearn to thrive. In a world where we’re bombarded with do’s/don’ts and not encouraged to make mistakes, we tend to create a narrow lens to view the world and lead our organizations through.

This session is for future thinking leaders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The purpose of the presentation is to help expand your views on adaptable leadership, and to identify and challenge your vicious cycles in leading change. It will also teach you about the mindset, skills and strategies that will empower you and your organization to be innovative in a world of uncertainty.

See More Presented by : Sana Keshtkaran
Duration : 45 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 04:30 PM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Leading in the New Normal Hybrid Work

Are you managing employees who work on-site and remotely? Come hear about the latest U.S. trends regarding hybrid work and get coaching on how to enable engagement and performance from your people.

See More Presented by : Margaret Smith
Duration : 60 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 05:00 PM (America/New_York)
Education & Training
Teachers are the Leaders in the Education Reform Movement

Jacquelyn Scully is an experienced History/Psychology Teacher, Creator/Host of The Teacher Story Podcast,  and the Co-founder of The Teacher Circle LinkedIN group, which is a global community to support teachers and others in education. The purpose of both The Teacher Story Podcast and The Teacher Circle LinkedIN group is to elevate teacher voices and put them at the forefront of the education reform movement. These voices are often overlooked in society, and many decisions are made without teacher input. The education system is in need of major repair, and there needs to be a mind shift. That mind shift starts by listening to the ones that work directly with children. The pandemic highlighted so many social issues, and now the spotlight is on education. The teachers are ready to take center stage and share their voice. Now is the time! 

See More Presented by : Jacquelyn Scully
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 05:30 PM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Why does Leadership Development require practical experiences



See More Presented by : Elyazid Alami
Duration : 0 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 06:00 PM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development

3 Voices of Authentic Leadership

When leaders understand and express their three authentic voices, they create work environments where team members become engaged with each other and inspired to do more, with renewed respect and passion for the workplace. In this session, participants are introduced to an innovative way to understand themselves and others. This innovative and inspiring presentation broadens participants’ understanding of their role. They leave with greater confidence about their leadership skills and inspired to implement at least one immediate action item.

See More Presented by : Norma Hollis
Duration : 60 Minutes
15 Sep 2022 07:00 PM (America/New_York)
Learning & Development ,Leadership & Development
Which Leadership Style Works Best in Leading Diverse Teams

This talk presents an answer to one of the biggest questions in leadership, "Which leadership style works best?" and why. You will, 

- Learn how to get more consistent, successful results leading diverse teams.

- Expand your leadership knowledge and proficiency.

- Learn how to better motivate, connect with, and support a diverse team.

See More Presented by : Jacqueline Quinn
Duration : 60 Minutes
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