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About this summit
International Water Day summit
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Our Agenda

Discover the agenda of this summit:

21 Mar 2022 09:00 PM (America/New_York)
Information & Communication Technology
POSITIVE WATER IMPACT OPERATION of Bottled Water Company through Circular Water Management in & Around by Bringing multiple benefit to Nature and People.
Presented by : Azwar Muhammad
Duration : 45 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 12:00 AM (America/New_York)
Desalination Technologies
A review of recent advances in adsorption desalination technologies
The session will highlight the importance of water, techniques to counteract the scarcity and recent technologies for the desalination of seawater. Primarily, the adsorption desalination systems (ADS) will be discussed in detail in regards to their advantages over conventional desalination technologies.
See More Presented by : Nadia Riaz
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 01:30 AM (America/New_York)
Water Management ,Water Loss Reduction ,NRW Reduction ,Leak Detection ,Equitable Distribution over water network
IoT (Internet of Things) for Water Management Systems
Smart water systems based on the combination of Internet of Things, big data and AI technologies can help stop undo the damage the imprudent usage of water resources has already caused
Presented by : Mandarr Kkamthe
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 02:30 AM (America/New_York)
Water resources management ,Freshwater Ecosystems ,Nature-Based Solutions
An integrated approach towards sustainable development, through SDG 6.5resources management
In this session I will highlight how countries are taking an integrated pathway towards achieving the water-related Sustainable Development Goals, the goals of the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Disaster Framework and the post-2020 biodiversity framework, using SDG target 6.5, on Integrated Water Resources Management, as a connector and articulator of multi-stakeholder contributions to water security.
See More Presented by : Colin Herron
Duration : 60 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 04:30 AM (America/New_York)
Scientific ,Analytical and technical expertise of industrial water and wastewater management
Reimagining liquid waste stream nuisance or resource
The talk will include a case study on molasses based alcohol distillery wastewater. Basic concepts, wastewater generation, composition and treatment or resource recovery will be discussed here.
See More Presented by : Nimisha Singh
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 05:00 AM (America/New_York)
Water diplomacy ,Water sustainability ,Sustainable food systems
Water diplomacy an emerging effective tool for south Asian regional security
Smart water systems based on the combination of Internet of Things, big data and AI technologies can help stop undo the damage the imprudent usage of water resources has already caused
Presented by : Dr. Muhammad Khan
Duration : 35 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 06:00 AM (America/New_York)
Water and development research
When water crosses political boundaries – dependencies and intensified scarcity
Limited resources and increasing demand strain the competition for water, especially when river basins cross political boundaries. One of the key challenges is allocating shared water resources and their benefits between different countries.In case of shared water resources, it is sometimes tempting to blame others for water scarcity, while it is not the case always. Water managers therefore need to have some information about the key issues.
See More Presented by : Hafsa Ahmed Munia
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 07:00 AM (America/New_York)
International Water Law ,Transboundary Water Resources
Big Data Analytics and Its Impact on Basin Water Agreements and International Water Law
Big data analytics is transforming the water sector at the national and international levels. Its potential impact on transboundary water resource governance is being assessed, for example, in the context of selected basins, including the Ramotswa aquifer shared between South Africa and Botswana. However, international water law and transboundary water agreements have yet to address its emergence. This monograph examines the impact of big data analytics on transboundary water governance from a legal perspective, using the Ramotswa aquifer as a case study. The authors argue that several features of the California Open and Transparent Water Data Act of 2016 and the New Mexico Water Data Act of 2019 can be applied in the context of transboundary water agreements.
See More Presented by : Imad ibrahim
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 07:00 AM (America/New_York)
Hydrology ,Water Cycle ,Remote Sensing
Coping with water scarcity and extreme events development of high resolution remote sensing and modelling approaches
The development of digital twins of the Earth System is currently in the European Commission agenda as one of the most pressing activities to be accomplished to build a resilient society able to cope with adverse extreme events (flood, drought, heatwaves, landslides), exacerbated by global and climate changing. The session will describe the development of novel approaches for monitoring and assessing water scarcity and extreme events. Remote sensing and advanced modelling techniques are exploited to build a Digital Twin of the Earth for Hydrology at high resolution in time (1 hour) and space (1 km). Limitations and challenges to be addressed will be underlined and discussed.
See More Presented by : Luca Brocca
Duration : 45 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 08:00 AM (America/New_York)
Water treatment ,Chemical dosing
Water disinfection, one solution for every application ?
Can we have one disinfection solution for water that is applicable to different industries and applications ?
Presented by : Tom Homan Free
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 09:00 AM (America/New_York)
Water resources management ,Sewers ,Water quality ,Water resources management ,Circular economies
Sewers Water Pollution and Circular Economies
Even effective sanitation systems may pollute waterways and cause serious problems for communities. Kimberly Worsham, our guest speaker for World Water Day Summit, will join us to discuss Sewers, Water Pollution, and Circular Economies. Our speaker has extensive knowledge in this field; we will learn about how sanitation systems function and the responsibilities of sewers in the management of human waste. She will also discuss what circular sanitation is and how sewers may help to improve pollution management. Be a part of this exciting experience, save your spot, and don't miss out on this FREE event! 
See More Presented by : Kimberly Worsham
Duration : 20 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 09:30 AM (America/New_York)
Water Supply
Assessing the impacts of water trucking: The case of Lokicheda Village in Turkana County
A research conducted to assess whether water trucking is more sustainable based on immediate needs than planning sustainable water supply projects
Presented by : Johana Ekwam
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 10:30 AM (America/New_York)
Water quality
Freshwater Salinization Syndrome FSS
Direct and indirect effects of ions, specifically chloride, and the impact it has on nutrient and heavy metal leaching.
Presented by : Sydney Weiss
Duration : 20 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 11:00 AM (America/New_York)
Water Safety & Health
Legionnaires Disease and Building Water Safety
Education on how Legionella bacteria spreads in building water systems and the importance of water management plans.
Presented by : Chadd matthewson
Duration : 45 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 11:30 AM (America/New_York)
Water Finance
Sustainable and Resilient Initiatives for Financing Water Projects The Smart Financing Model
Dr. Kyla L. Tennin, LSSWB™, PMEC™, FGPI, MGPI, BA, MBA, DM(Honors) is an ex-World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)/G20/GPFI Partner Senator for the United States of America, Chaired by Queen Maxima, Netherlands, Executive Council Member, and Co-Chair of Board of Directors, for the Global Women Leaders Committee, Chaired by Madame President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic. Dr. K is also an ex-Advisory Board Member, UAGC Forbes School of Business & Technology (Global Campus). In her primary role as Senator for the United States of America at WBAF, she was tasked with improving economic development, job creation, and helping ease access to finance for various business projects by encouraging institutions to practice Financial Inclusion. In addition, she is currently, personally, working with banks to develop loan programs for various projects. Likewise, prior to all of this, she started her own global conglomerate corporation, which has now been in operation for 16-years. Previous to this she worked in Banking and Finance at Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (North America), Wells Fargo Financial, LLC., US Bank, and SunTrust Banks, Inc. with global affiliates and partnerships (e.g. Wells Fargo Business Banking, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Wells Fargo Education, Wells Fargo Card Services, and Wells Fargo Investments). Dr. Know works with affiliates The World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, Development Banks, Reconstruction Banks, and other institutions, promoting "The Smart Financing Model" to finance a variety of global initiatives. This "World Water Day" session will cover a variety of funding, financing, investment, investors, and mentoring instruments to finance Water Projects.
See More Presented by : Dr. Kyla L. Tennin
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 12:00 PM (America/New_York)
consumer solutions
Downstream state of the art consumer solutions
Presented by : John RAVENHILL
Duration : 20 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 12:00 PM (America/New_York)
Waste water treatment ,Waste water infrastructure
Reducing Odor FOG H2S Sludge and Flushable Wipes the Natural Way
Some of wastewater treatment plant and collection systems’ biggest pain points can be addressed and eliminated through advanced natural, eco-friendly biological methods which can be just as effective, if not more so than chemical and mechanical treatments or applications. In this presentation we will cover microbiological treatments and discuss the differences between spore and activated organisms to break down biosolids and reduced sludge and odor, how they work, their effectiveness, compare efficiencies and efficacies, costs and the pros and cons of each. Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) and Flushable Wipes — and the buildups that come with them — are the bane of municipal wastewater collection systems. And they’re only exacerbated by the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Together, these catalysts for corrosion and degradation undermine the integrity of municipal sanitary sewer systems and cost cities and taxpayers huge amounts of money. We will review effective, organic solutions for dealing with these painpoint “fatbergs” as well as “flushable wipes” — and how to develop a proactive, cost-effect approach for mitigation. Learning Objectives: 1. Gain a deeper understanding of the various forms of bioaugmentation and how they work and what should be expected 2. Understand why traditional chemical and traditional one-size fits all treatments don’t deliver consistent desired results and what you can do about it 3. Discover how to turn a collection system into an effective pre-treatment facility using only naturally derived materials and environmentally sustainable application 4. Learn ways to get control over the changing variables in wastewater treatment This session is designed for sewer and treatment plant service contractors, collection system maintenance personnel, wastewater treatment plant operators and managers from beginner to veteran. Participants will be given information to apply these methods in their own systems and plants and have an opportunity to ask technical questions and receive insight from one of the industry’s foremost authorities and experts in the field of treatment, bioaugmentation and systems operations.
See More Presented by : Suzan Chin Taylor
Duration : 60 Minutes
22 Mar 2022 01:00 PM (America/New_York)
Water law ,Policy ,Science ,Finance
International Water Stress & Climate Change
Extrapolating lessons learned from the Colorado River, the American West's hardest working river, participants will hear how seven sovereign states, numerous American Indian Tribes, and two sovereign countries have dealt with water scarcity, water stress, and climate change. This year (2022), the United States celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Colorado River Compact and plans for its future.
See More Presented by : James Eklund
Duration : 60 Minutes
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