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Coaching & Mentoring Summit 2024
    Education & Training
  • calendar 15th May 2024 - 17th May 2024
  • user60 Speakers
  • users2500 Attendees
About this summit

Step into the realm of Coaching & Mentoring brilliance, an exclusive summit casting its luminous glow on the virtual landscape of LOGYTalks. This isn't your average summit; it's a curated masterpiece designed for aficionados of coaching and mentoring, where every facet exudes an air of transformative mastery. This is an open-access self-serve summit where there is no selection and no middlemen between speakers and global audience.  This is unique and one of its kind summits; there is no other place like this summit!

[May 15th & 16th  2024: 48 hours straight] | [Virtual on]

Why Immerse Yourself in the LOGYTalks Coaching & Mentoring Summit:

1. A Symphony of Expertise:  Immerse yourself in a symphony of coaching & mentoring brilliance as virtuosos of the field take the stage. Each session is a carefully crafted movement, delivering insights and methodologies that resonate with a transformative cadence. Speakers are invited to speak on the subject they want as long as it is related to Coaching and Mentoring, no agenda and no bias!

2. LOGYTalks Nexus Lounge: Dive into dynamic discussions at the LOGYTalks Nexus Lounge – a vibrant space where the heartbeat of coaching & mentorship pulses in real-time. Connect with luminaries, exchange ideas, and be part of conversations that echo beyond the summit. LOGYTalks is an open-access self-serve professional platform with so many innovative features from Live Translation to Networking Rooms and Digital Library to keep discussions live beyond the Live Talks! LOGYTalks allows speakers and audience to interact Live.  

* All participants can have participations certificates.

3. Mastermind Coaching & Mentorship Circles: Collaborate with seasoned mentors and fellow practitioners in intimate settings, sharing insights and refining your craft. Create Rooms/tribes for more professional discussions after the summits. LOGYTalks allows you to keep all your discussions and webinars in one place.  

Who Should Join:

  1. Visionary Maestros of Coaching
  2. Sages of Mentorship
  3. Emerging Stars of Mentorship
  4. HR and Talent Development Virtuosos
  5. Professionals Committed to Unveiling Mastery
  6. Professionals determined to progress in their careers

How to Secure Your Seat:

  • You are Speaker, Showcaser or attendee, secure your virtual front-row seat on LOGYTalks for an immersive unveiling: Signup below 
  • Signup on LOGYTalks.Com for exclusive prelude updates, speaker reveals, and summit crescendos.

This is not just a conventional summit; it's a gallery of brilliance, a carefully curated masterpiece that will echo in your professional journey and redefine the future of coaching and mentoring. Join us on LOGYTalks for an unforgettable tapestry of mastery.

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  • Create your OWN Session, No Selection, and No Middleman.
  • Target your right vertical, Invite your network and tap into the platform’s audience.
  • Increase Exposure and Promotion: Present to a diverse audience from 170+ countries.
  • Enhance Networking Opportunities, Referrals and Leads.
  • Improve Personal Development, Speaking certificates.
  • Keep Recordings on LOGYTalks for On-Demand viewers.
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  • Increase Sales and Revenue by attracting new customers and business opportunities.
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  • Continue Education and Obtain Certificates.
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Our Agenda

Discover the agenda of this summit:

15 May 2024 10:30 AM (America/New_York)
Business ,Commerce ,Logistics ,Management ,Project ,Sales ,Business & Entrepreneurship ,Marketing & Sales ,Entrepreneurship & Small Business ,Marketing ,Communication ,Information & Communication Technology ,Media & Advertising ,Education & Training ,Energetic ,Environment ,Sustainability ,Policy ,Finance & PPP ,Finance ,Finance & Technology ,Insurance & Technology ,COVID-19 ,Health ,Personal Development ,Personal Branding ,Learning & Development ,Leadership & Development ,Logistics & Supply Chain ,consumer solutions ,Science & Technology ,Production ,Technology
See More
Making The Biggest 90-Day Leap in Your Business

In this highly engaging and interactive workshop, you will walk away with the following:

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card just for showing up and getting all of Bimal's books. 
  • A structured and customized written plan to make the biggest 90-day leap in your business
  • The Biggest 90-day leap that will help you get closest to achieving your three-year goal in one year
  • Several Case Studies and success stories of different companies that have used the 90-day leap for exponential growth
  • Access to self-learning free tools and resources that you can access to implement the ultimate daily productivity
  • Giveaways of books that provide written instructions and tools to Make Your Biggest 90-Day Leap
  • How The Biggest 90-Day Leap system is replicable and can be used forever for exponential growth in your business
  • How The 90-Day Leap will make you a Pioneer in your Business and make you at least double your business in a year.
  • $500 Value tickets to the invitation-only CEO Boardroom Mastermind for those who qualify. 
See More Presented by : Bimal Shah
Duration : 30 Minutes
15 May 2024 05:00 PM (America/New_York)
Leadership & Development
Coaching High Performing Teams
Join me to learn some actionable tips that you can apply to lead a high performing team!
Presented by : Lubana Azad
Duration : 60 Minutes
16 May 2024 06:30 AM (America/New_York)
Environment ,Leadership & Development
Climate Change Coaching
Climate change is the elephant in the room. Everyone sees it but most of us are uncomfortable talking about it. Climate change coaching aims to empower people to face a predicament threatening our very existence in their professional and personal lives. Climate change coaching stems from the principles of system thinking, uncertain and complex context, and emotional intelligence. Although climate change coaching has traditional coaching at its core, it dives into a deep embodied wisdom to help us navigate properly and reclaim our full agency in these challenging times.
See More Presented by : Zeinab Benchakroun
Duration : 30 Minutes
16 May 2024 06:00 PM (America/New_York)
Entrepreneurship & Small Business ,Leadership & Development
Emotional Intelligence: Guiding Change Through Coaching and Mentoring
Emotional Intelligence: Guiding Change Through Coaching and Mentoring" explores the vital role of emotional intelligence (EI) in facilitating personal and professional growth during times of change. It delves into the components of EI, demonstrates its application in coaching and mentoring, and offers practical strategies for leveraging EI to navigate transitions successfully.
See More Presented by : Omu Obilor
Duration : 30 Minutes
Benefit from a vibrant community of researchers, thought leaders and professionals from different fields.