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About this summit

The International Development summit is a virtual event that brings together representatives from governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and other stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on issues related to global development. These issues include poverty reduction, access to education and healthcare, environmental sustainability, and gender equality, among others. This summit provides an occasion for participants to share ideas, knowledge, and best practices, and to coordinate efforts towards achieving common goals. They also offer an opportunity to raise awareness of development challenges and to mobilize resources to address them. We are expecting a diverse participation from more than 170 countries. Some of the topics to be discussed in this summit, but not limited to: - Sustainable development goals and the global development agenda - Poverty alleviation and inclusive growth strategies - Economic development and trade policies - Climate change and environmental sustainability - Human rights and social justice - Access to education, healthcare, and other essential services - Gender equality and women's empowerment - Migration, displacement, and refugee crises - Humanitarian aid and disaster relief - Private sector engagement and public-private partnerships for development.

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Our Agenda

Discover the agenda of this summit:

11 Jul 2023 12:00 PM (America/New_York)
Science & Technology ,Engineering ,Agriculture ,Water ,Energy ,Finance & PPP ,Business ,Environment ,Education & Training ,COVID-19 ,Food ,Chemistry ,Commerce ,Communication ,Personal Development ,Electric ,Electronics ,Energetic ,Environnement ,Finance ,Hydraulic ,Logistics ,Maintenance ,Management ,Maths ,Mechanical ,Physics ,Production ,Project ,Quality ,Security ,Thermal ,Testing ,testingFrid ,Sales ,Personal Branding ,Learning & Development ,Business & Entrepreneurship ,Technology ,Information & Communication Technology ,Agriculture & Technology ,Water & Technology ,Finance & Technology ,Internet of Things ,Transportation & Mobility ,Logistics & Supply Chain ,Materials & Packaging ,Sustainability ,Natural Resources ,Health ,Leadership & Development ,Marketing & Sales ,Entrepreneurship & Small Business ,Insurance & Technology ,Media & Advertising ,Literature & Arts ,consumer solutions ,Desalination Technologies ,Water Management ,Water Loss Reduction ,NRW Reduction ,Leak Detection ,Equitable Distribution over water network ,Water resources management ,Freshwater Ecosystems ,Nature-Based Solutions ,Scientific ,Analytical and technical expertise of industrial water and wastewater management ,Water diplomacy ,Water sustainability ,Carbon credits ,Sustainable food systems ,Water and development research ,International Water Law ,Transboundary Water Resources ,Hydrology ,Water Cycle ,Remote Sensing ,Water treatment ,Chemical dosing ,Sewers ,Water quality ,Sanitation ,Circular economies ,Water Supply ,Water Safety & Health ,Water Finance ,Waste water treatment ,Waste water infrastructure ,Water law ,Policy ,Science ,Water Economics ,Marketing ,VR/AR ,Blockchain & Crypto ,Cyber Security ,Fintech
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International Development Week
Presented by : LOGY Talks
Duration : 30 Minutes
Benefit from a vibrant community of researchers, thought leaders and professionals from different fields.